A VA loan is a home loan offered to veterans or active members of the U.S. military. Additionally, a spouse of a veteran or a deceased military member may also qualify. A VA loan is a loan to help any veteran as well as the spouses of veterans (deceased or not) get a home loan.


Insight Team works desires to help those who have served our country get a home with the their VA loan. This allows veterans to receive the financial assistance they need to get into the home of their dreams.

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Do you know how the mortgage loan process works? We want you to be educated on the process so you fully understand step by step how we are going to get you in the home of your dreams. We have a unique tool built specifically to help you understand the mortgage loan process from start to finish!



While this type of loan does not require a downpayment to be made in order to be approved, a one-time fee is still required. The fee’s amount will be decided by the loan officer, who will take into account the size of the loan as well as the type of veteran applying. This loan is one of the most affordable options for home buyers, but if paying a fee upfront poses an issue to you and your family, discuss your situation with your loan officer who will do what they can to assist you.

For any other questions regarding buying a home, give our team a call. And to find out if you qualify for a VA loan, contact us to speak to a team member who will answer any questions you have. Ready to apply for a VA loan? Click this link and fill out our application!

*A down payment is required if the borrower does not have full VA Entitlement, or if the loan amount is greater than $453,100. VA loans subject to individual VA Entitlement amounts and eligibility, qualifying factors such as income and credit standards, and property limits. Fairway is not affiliated with any government agencies. These materials are not from VA, HUD or FHA, and were not approved by VA, HUD or FHA, or any other government agency.

Insight Team offers their services to assist veterans through their home buying process. We work with you to get the loan you need and sometimes with little to no money down down and no closing cost. We also offer a program for veterans who already possess a VA loan by lowering the interest rate without reviewing appraisal or further documentation. We assist in any way we can with any upfront fees that may pose an issue for you or your family. Call Insight Team today to get the assistance you need to get a VA loan or a lowered interest rate on your current home loan!

What’s Next?

After getting your FHA loan and purchasing your home, you may think that everything is up to you to manage. But with Insight Team, you will continue to be supported and educated on how to manage your mortgage. The NEO Experience is a home ownership program that will guide you after your already have your home. We offer this so you have expert guidance at all times, always have a perfect mortgage experience and proactively maintain your home, which increases your home value over time! Contact Insight Team today to learn more about “NEO Experience”.

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