Tax professionals are valuable sources in the mortgage industry today. All over the nation, CPAs are preparing potential borrowers’ tax returns. They know exactly which clients are non-bankable and which ones will need to turn to alternative sources for different kinds of mortgages.

As you may know, homeowners have many tax advantages. For instance, they may deduct both mortgage interest and property tax payments from their federal income tax and may exclude (up to a limit) the capital gain they receive from a sale of a home.

We want our clients to maximize their tax benefits and offset their tax liability with homeownership. The U.S. tax code is extremely complex with many rules that must be followed. Home buyers need trusted tax professionals who can give guidance in tax planning at the highest level for real estate success. Our team gives our clients a personalized analysis on their financial situation and teaches them how to get set up financially to meet real estate goals.

At Insight Team, our approach is unique. We provide a more education and information-based process to our realtors and clients. Since we are not licensed real estate tax professionals, we are always on the lookout for qualified CPAs to refer our clients to and work with.

We want to work with experts who have the specialized skills needed to give advice on these complex transactions. Our team understands the specific needs of accountants. We want to work with CPAs as a resource for the special demands of the industry. From practice acquisition and expansion to refinance and debt consolidation, we want to provide the guidance and loan options that best fit our clients.

Our mortgage experts take pride in constantly pursuing excellence in this industry. Working with the best in the business and sharing ideas with your knowledge is a game changer for our clients in this industry.