Tax professionals are valuable sources in the mortgage industry today. Home buyers need trusted tax professionals who can give guidance in tax planning at the highest level for real estate success.

Financial Advisors

Learning what financial advisors can do for clients’ property in order to grow their real estate business is a big help. It is these smart decisions that will contribute to their long-term wealth building goals.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Since we help home buyers with, most likely, the largest asset they own, we feel that it’s our responsibility to ensure that they are taking the right steps to protect it in the future. We find that our clients would greatly benefit from meeting with our preferred estate planning attorneys for advice on estate and generational wealth planning.


We offer our services to businesses and corporations across the country. We are not just “The Preferred Lender” for a company and its employees, but want to be an educational partner that helps employers offer something unique and valuable to their employees.


Realtors can feel confident about having their buyers work with Insight Team. The team is ranked the #1 Lender in Orange County in production but more importantly, the highest rated in customer service and satisfaction and we are widely known and respected because of our reputation and performance in the local real estate community.