Our Mortgage Process

Insight Team focuses on making sure our clients have a more educated, more motivated, and more confident home buying process. We have a unique tool built specifically to help our clients understand the mortgage loan process from start to finish. We want to educate our clients as clearly and efficiently as possible so they understand step by step how we’re going to get them to the home of their dreams. To prevent leaving any of our clients in the dark, we created a detailed list to explain how the mortgage loan process works with Insight Team.

1. Start Your Application

Insight Team offers several ways to apply for a new home loan. Use our online application to send in your request or contact our office via phone or email. Knowing small details like your mortgage loan goals, household income, and total assets_new will help our team prepare your options.

2. Review Your Options with a Member of Our Team

One of our team members will take you through how the home buying process works to explain each step of the process and to answer your questions. We’ll also provide you with a personalized analysis on your financial situation based on your application to learn how you can set yourself up financially in order to be able to meet your real estate goals.

3. Close on Your New Loan

Once your application is accepted, you are ready to close your loan. Whether you’re ready same day or need extra time, our loan officers will always be available to you whenever you choose to close on your new loan. We want our clients to feel confident in their home buying decision with the ongoing support of our team.

4. Continue Working with Our Team Throughout the Lifetime of Your Loan

After you close on your loan, you’ll have full access to our team and resources throughout the lifespan of your loan, such as easy access to your loan information and paperwork, continued mortgage advice from our officers, active mortgage management to ensure the loan is always in the best position possible, and annual mortgage reviews to determine all available opportunities. If your financial situation ever changes, feel free to update your payment schedule to better accommodate your new finances without any refinancing costs. Our team is proud to offer continued service to our clients, from their first loan application to the very last mortgage payment.

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