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Insight Team is Revolutionizing the Mortgage Industry

Find out what other loan officers have to say about our team

Sean McDowell

As a mortgage veteran who takes pride in collaborating with and constantly pursuing excellence, working with the Ryan Grant has been a pleasure. To start, the entire team has expertise in their specific area which means you can trust the system to work for you. Ryan has shared freely with his knowledge, resources and time. This has been incredibly helpful, and surprising, coming from a top producing originator who is maintaining and growing his own business. If you apply the techniques, scripts, philosophies and effort that Ryan describes then the sky is the limit for you. It has been a great experience so far and I’m looking forward to the future.

Eric Vavere

I started working with Ryan and his team in January 2017. I was doing about $1 Million per month in production prior to joining Ryan’s team. I have been in the industry for over 14 years now. That being said I had the experience and I have always done well at any of my previous companies, always ranking in the top 3 on an annual basis. My previous companies were refinance based, but I knew breaking into the purchase market was the only sustainable method to keep my position as a career, and control my income. About 1 year before I joined Ryan’s I started focusing on growing my purchase business. We had just moved back to CA so my professional contact list was fairly small. I grew the business somewhat and then hit a roadblock. A year later I joined Ryan’s team and this started to turn. The education was the first step, but also the delivery from the team. The team allowed me to bring in business and be confident on our ability to close loans quickly with little to no issues. I previously processed my own loans, so when my volume would increase, the time I had to prospect would decrease, and it continued a stressful cycle. The team aspect here really allows each person to focus on their specific role, mine being obtaining new business. The education was also key in obtaining the extra information I needed to confidently attack the market and land multiple strategic partner relationships. Working with the best in the business and sharing ideas, role playing sales strategies etc. is a game changer if you can apply the knowledge in the field. When I was setting my goals at the beginning of 2017, I thought they were a bit high considering it was my first year only focusing on purchases. I hit a great stride mid-year and started hitting my goals every month, and needless to say, the year ended well for me. I have a focus in 2018 to double my volume from 2017. This would not be possible without the motivation and education support from Ryan, and the platform that this team is built on. If you work hard, there is no limit to the level you can reach here.

Aron Jimenez

I joined Ryan Grant just a couple of months ago and in just a short amount of time, Ryan Grant’s Coaching and Guidance has had a big impact on my business. Our approach is unique..as we provide a more education and information based process to our realtors and clients. In addition we pride ourselves in providing the absolute best client experience in the market. I’m excited to grow and learn more from Ryan Grant.

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